Brand Identity
Each brand element has a special significance, intended to easily identify your products or services, and to differentiate them from those of your competitors. Typical graphic design elements are logo design, tagline, typeface and color.
Once your logo is complete, it’s time to create all of the tools necessary to reach your target market. Whether it’s a brochure, newsletter or product manual to reach your consumer, we specialize in creating strategic solutions for each graphic design element to establish your brand identity.
Through the placement of text and images, visual communications through graphic design are achieved. These communications reinforce  brand identity when applied in multiple environments including wayfinding systems, trade show booths and more.
Website/Social Media
Creating an online presence is key in today’s market. It is essential to reflect your brand across the board from your website, e-newsletter, blogs and social media pages. Create a strategic plan of action in advance to assure you impact your target market.
Every room creates a living environment. Room settings can be styled for for product and resort photography to create beautiful photographs to use in promotional materials. As an added bonus, if you desire new window treatments we are an authorized dealer for Hunter Douglas Window Fashions.
In order to get a glimpse of a product or exhibit design, renderings show a more realistic view to help make changes before a project becomes final. Especially when there is potentially a large investmant being made, renderings are a cost effective way to bring peace of mind and confidence to the end result.
Photo Retouching
Photo Retouching is a cost effective way to enhance your photo and make it uniquely yours. A few examples are removing unwanted elements, changing an objects color to match your brand color and even show what a product will look like before investing in production costs.
When going the extra mile, traveling to multiple tradeshows, it is important to be more impactful than the booths next to you. Even more important is the message your booth is projecting in a passing moment. Successful exhibits have a clean, powerful graphic design that draws in customers.