We offer many graphic design services, below are a few of our favorites.

Brand Identity

Each brand element has a special significance, intended to easily identify your products or services, and to differentiate them from those of your competitors. Graphic design elements are naming, logo design, tagline, typeface, color and brand guidelines.


Once your logo is complete, it’s time to create all of the tools necessary to reach your target market. Whether it’s a brochure, newsletter or product manual to reach your consumer, we specialize in creating strategic solutions for each graphic design element to establish your brand identity.


Through the placement of text and images, visual communications through graphic design are achieved. These communications reinforce brand identity when applied in multiple environments including wayfinding systems, trade show booths and more.

Website/Social Media

Creating an online presence is key in today’s market. It is essential to reflect your brand across the board from your website, e-newsletter, blogs and social media pages. Create a strategic plan of action in advance to assure you impact your target market.

Meet Our Design Partners

Our team of graphic designers is creative, strategic with diverse sets of skills.

Stacey Harper

Likes: animals, nature, family & friends

Dislikes: leaf blowers

Favorite Musician: Tom Waits

With over 25 years experience in graphic design, I have always been a strategic thinker and dedicated to quality design and service. I absolutely love big projects. Over the past decades, I found myself entrenched in environmental design. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy designing everything from logos, brochures, sample books etc. However, I do have a passion for designs that have longevity like wayfinding sign systems, custom product displays and exhibit designs. Another passion of mine is photo retouching and rendering. I love a challenge. Many times I get the retouching that no one else wants to attempt. “Bring It On!”

Off the Clock: 

I am very involved with many proactive organizations that protect animals, our oceans & planet, help children in need etc. A few organizations I am a member of are as follows:  ASPCA, Sierra Club, JASMYN, Represent Us and more. I have been known to volunteer my design and time to a variety of organizations, like the Malavai Washington Youth Foundation, American Horses Preservation and Froggy’s Cat Rescue. My very favorite pass time is spending time with my children, husband and our crazy pets.

Carol Lombardo

Likes: ocean swims, opera & family time

Dislikes: bad design

Favorite Musician: Bob Dylan

My passion is to design and create graphics that are comfortable and artistic. “Designing” is problem solving, and I like to help clients while adding points of interest and beauty to our surroundings.

I also like to give back to the community and make it a better place to live. It’s even better when I can combine art and design with my other passion, of helping those with special needs attain better lives.

Off the Clock:

I have a daughter with autism and because of her natural artistic talent, I helped create a the Butterfly Project and the Rainbow Artists programs at the Museum of Contemporary Art/Jacksonville. These museum based programs brought together children and young adults on the autism spectrum, with art educators and professional artists. The kids were given the opportunity to express themselves through art, and the results were staggering! It has since been a part of the regional school system and serves hundreds of special needs students and young adults, every year.

Because of my daughter’s ambition to become a professional baker, I helped her start her own virtual bakery, Seagull Bakery in Jacksonville Beach. Its mission is to “Employ, Teach, and Mentor those on the autism spectrum.”

I volunteer with a variety different organizations, like the Malavai Washington Youth Foundation,  the HEAL Foundation (Healing Every Autistic Life), the ARC/ Jacksonville,  Beaches Habitat for Humanity, and the Museum of Contemporary Art/Jacksonville. I usually am on the “decorating committee” for the galas, because I don’t mind painting and hammering! I was part of a study for the Children’s Commissions on special needs in our community, helping to make recommendations and add insight to that populations’ problems.

Debi Goulding

Likes: yoga, dogs, tennis, sailing, SUP boarding

Dislikes: vinyl table clothes

Favorite Musician: Sam Smith

I feel that I grew up in the Window Coverings Industry, I started in the mid 80’s working for a small company named Profile in Ft. Lauderdale, as the Advertising and New Product manager. After 5 years they were bought out by Hunter Douglas. I left and started my own company and teamed up with Stacey Harper. We have designed many sampling programs for some of the biggest leaders in the market, Hunter Douglas is one of them. This is where my love for new product development and Interior design seemed to gravitate me towards styling rooms and staging homes for large photoshoots. Being behind the scenes, creating beautiful environments for new window treatments is where I found my love of photography. I have been art directing for years now and it is still one of my greatest passions. Anyone that knows me knows I am a people person. One of my favorite parts of my job is working with our clients and managing our accounts. Another is developing programs that ensure that our clients sales increase. Clean, smart design which focuses on the product is my mission.

Off the Clock:

I am always on the go. It is rare to see me sit still so whether I am out on a tennis, redecorating my home again, riding my bike, or volunteering with kids, it is hard to catch me. I love spending time with my kids (all of them four legged of course, George, Maxine and Earl) I am passionate about life itself and work daily to be a better person and to be compassionate with others! Namaste.